In Alti Polimeri the word technology has a double value. Firstly, this term indicates the quality level achieved in 60 years of research and development; secondly,it stands for the capacity to supply to our customers a product with the highest level of efficiency as well as a complete support from the design to the delivery of the semi-finished product. Details,accessories and customized items made of polyester or acrylic, available in a wide range of sizes and enriched with thousands of original and customizable effects are the result of our R&D involvement. Check the quality and the aesthetic level of our manufactures on this web site.

Contact us to set a meeting at our headquarters in Pontoglio (BS) – ITALY – via Parma14/16: we’ll be glad to give you a live demo of our processes.

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Producing and    processing

A total control over the each production phase, ensure the possibility to develop a suitable product for the client. That is why in Alti Polimeri we manage the entire supply chain, from resin preparation to the semi-finished product.

Polyester is produced in different formats: sheets, blanks, tubes, bars, rectified or in bundles. Acrylic is available in sheets and bars with different effects and colours. For both materials, the complete customisation is our trademark.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin


Knowledge,ideas, creativity

Designers,stylists and professionals from the most varied fields will find in Alti Polimeri a careful, proactive and competent partner, ready to listen to everybody’s need and transform each project into concrete solutions. In our team, we do not just do our work; we start from every single inspirations to develop one-of-kind innovative and tailor-made ideas.

A solid example of what this means are our re-softening polyester rods: available onstock or produced on demand, the rods can always be cut at the requested thickness, with a benefit in terms of efficiency and waste reduction. The same for our concave-convex blanks, which ensure the maximum saving of material.


The real Made in Italy style

In Alti Polimeri, tradition is a key value.
Our company is a family business, founded and developed in Italy and well known around the world.  The company organization have changed and improved over time, particularly during the last few years of great technological innovations, confirming the ability to keep up with market demand.

Made in Italy means for us attention to details, raw materials selection, high quality processes, and compliance with safety standards in the production cycle and, finally yet importantly, waste reduction. The biggest challenge today is offering a state-of-the-art and simply perfect product in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

This challenge is our motivation to always do better, setting our selves ambitious goals and fulfilling the commitments to companies we have been cooperating with for years, developing strong relationships based on respect and mutual trust. Alti Polimeri means Made in Italy.


To better describe the level of peculiarity and accuracy achieved in our production department we invite to have a look at our photo gallery and video showing the main processes.