Alti Polimeri was founded in Barbaiana di Lainate (MI), its original headquarter:since then, the company has been highly involved in the button production and fashion accessories thanks to the quality of its polyester.

Thesemi-finished materials created by Alti Polimeri soon became a high standard quality product recognized and appreciated by big and small companies on the worldwide market.

In1983, Alti Polimeri moved its headquarter in Pontoglio (Brescia), where the manufacturing of semi-finished products for fashion, design and other sectors is still taking place.

1983 is a significant year for the company: it becomes part of Bonetti Group,leading the manufacturing of machines and plastic materials for the production of buttons.

Alti Polimeri expanded the range of its products introducing the acrylic (PMMA), a complementary material having different applications than polyester and giving a wide rangeof shades, structures and effects.

The introduction of acrylic is a successful choice, thanks to its innovative characteristics and thanks to the possibility to carry out customized productions.

After more than 60 years since its foundation, Alti Polimeri continues to invest in research, development and innovation.

The goal of the future is to broaden our horizons with the challenge to open new markets, keeping the strong connections with our customers and pursuing tomorrow’s opportunities.


Our mission develops and grows up around the customer's needs. Since the beginning, we have worked to achieve a specific goal: to grant a tailor-madeproduction to be applied on a large scale.

Notonly high-customized semi-finished products, but also bulk supply unlimited quantities, with unaltered quality and matching completely the customer's expectations.

We achieve our goals thanks to the constant research of avant-garde solutions and continuous investments in the development of even more performing materials,able to ensure flexibility in use, excellent durability, strength and aesthetics.

The effort we made is enormous, but it has allowed our growth in the long run until achieving high standards of precision, reliability and materials knowledge. All this, as always, with the glance towards the future.


In 1983,Alti Polimeri started its partnership with Bonetti Group giving to its historya change: since that time, we have become the beating heart of the research and development in matter of materials and technologies aiming at the customer satisfaction.

Working alongside a company leading the industrial scenery of the button making industry,it created a virtuous synergy based on a constant development of an efficient technology. This synergy is still alive today and grows up day by day with thenew achievements in the field of semi-finished products.

The advantages for both companies are a matter of fact, and the result is a competitive final product and service on the market.

While applications, market demands and technologies change along time, our effort still remains a constant in our daily work, so to achieve efficiency and quality levels at the top of the range.

And thestory continues…


1924.Right in this year, Cav. Francesco Bonetti started the production of mother of pearl buttons and 30 years later, thanks to the entrepreneurship of his sons Alberto, Ferrante and Dario, the company evolved and specialized in the design and manufacturing of machines and technologies for the production of buttons.

Bonetti Button making machine was officially born and soon it represented the benchmark for the international button and fashion accessory industry: an ambitious and concrete goal achieved thanks to the innovation pursued buy Francesco’s sons,but also thanks to the traditional care in choosing the best materials as concerns mother of pearl and trocas shells.

Francesco Bonetti Button Factory, without doubts, was the first successful step leading the future Bonetti Group to other new synergies: in 1980 Gremolith Italia joined the group with the production of galalith and in 1983 Alti Polimeri joined too with polyester materials.

The membership of these two companies allowed Bonetti Group to respond to new market demands and provide, together with button making machines and technologies, a complete range of semi-finished plastic products available int he most different formats, sizes, colours and effects.

During 1983,the revolutionary double-head machines for the automatic and simultaneous turning of the back and front side of buttons was introduced on the market reaching its top with NOVA series.

In 1994,Bonetti presented to the market a laser technology dedicated to buttons and fashion accessories industry, making its mark on history towards the pathway of innovation together with the latest technological achievements, a result from anever-ending research and development carried out in partnership with Gremolith Italia and Alti Polimeri.

Amongthe most interesting results achieved from 2014, we can point out the introduction of acrylic materials opening a new era in which the focus is on design, furniture, fashion accessories and much more. Ideas and projects neverseen before allows our customers the realisation of plans in every field withthe highest grade of satisfaction.