Polyester applications are endless from fashion industry to accessories in general.

Polyester is a thermosetting material and offer several creative possibilities in termsof customized shape and material composition. Thanks to its ease of processing,the typical use of polyester is in the small fashion accessories.

In Alti Polimeri we produce polyester semi-finished products in different formats,effects, colours and structures, according to the client’s requests.

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Since 2013, acrylic production have complemented the polyester one, expanding and strengthening our offer of high quality semi-finished products.

Acrylic is a material that can be thermoformed: thanks to its elasticity, resistance and durability, acrylic is a proved reliable material, able to offer the perfect performances for the most various uses.

Among the fields of application, we oriented our activity to the creation of design objects, fashion accessories and much more!

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