green is now!

Alti Polimeri is sensitive to the pollution problem of our planet and we can no longer ignore the need of our real contribution to the preservation of our ecosystem. That’s why we joined the "green" cause by introducing two eco-projects.


Thanks to the strong partnership with our suppliers and our constant research and development, we are now able to replace the old traditional polyester resin with a new eco-sustainable one, in order to produce green and future-oriented materials, without giving up on the technical properties of our polyester: this is the value of ResiEco.


Considering the world trend oriented to the protection of the environment, our company have introduced the product line BioRec, based on the recycling principle of using waste materials.


Even our ACRYLIC production has a Green soul! In fact, PMMA is one of the very few plastic materials that can be completely recycled.

This leads us to take a further step towards reducing the environmental impact of our production, a sort of synergy between environment and technology.