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Polyesterand Acrylic are our core activity: we produce high quality semi-finishedmaterials available in different sizes, depending on the final application:fashion accessories, design elements and furniture.

Thanks to the synergy with Bonetti Group and to our 35-year experience, we base our work on research and development of new technologies together with Bonetti -Button Making machines.
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Our 60-year presence on the market sets our company on the top of the Italian and International scene as concerns the polyester production for the accessory industry.

Tous, leadership means being in the forefront of research and development of solutions fulfilling the expectations, assuring the best performances in terms of strength, durability, aesthetics and functionality: right this philosophy has led us to go further, and thanks to our solid know-how to build successfully our business in the acrylic industry, too.



 Thelatest technologies allow us to offer high quality semi-finished products in polyester and acrylic. This is a constant granting the client a higher reliabilityin terms of results and efficiency.

Gettingin touch with us is the key to enter in a wide range of very detailed tailor-made solutions created according to the real needs of the customer,being sure to get always a personalized product corresponding to the specific requests.



Thekey word of our business.

Fromthe machine to the button, from the most complex to the simplest, we have never stopped pursuing perfection. The fruits of this work now allow us to boast analmost infinite assortment of solutions, distinguished by features and characteristics that are sometimes invisible to the naked eye, which are never the less important.

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The simple innovation has never been enough for us. We enjoy designing, creatingand exploring among thousands of possibilities in matter of colours and structures, so to astound and fully satisfy the customer, and above all, the final application of the product.

Our solutions are unique, original, pleasant to see and to use: the best forgarments or design elements.
Just follow Alti Polimeri imagination.